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CulCreat Launches A Fresh Website With Fresh Paper Goods

CulCreat is proud to announce the launch of their online store on September 18th, featuring unthinkable, upscale, and handmade paper goods, including purses, pillows, and more.


September 15, 2016 – According to the Paperless Project, over 200 million tons of paper are used in the United States alone each year.(1) Until the world can unite to reduce this consumption, the public’s best option is reuse. Here to help in this effort is CulCreat, a company finding innovative ways to reuse paper every day. Through kraft paper products, CulCreat is able to produce high-end fashionable with a texture similar to the comfort of fine leather. In this way everything from meticulously binded books to stylish metallic-looking pillows can be made from paper. On September 18th CulCreat will launch their online store, making their products available to the world.


By selecting the renewable resource of paper CulCreat holds a variety of advantages. Foremost, the smooth feeling provided by fine kraft paper is unmatched. Leather comes close, providing a similar sensation, yet it brings with it a variety moral question as one of the few materials that requires systematic animal slaughter in production. In stark contrast, paper products are often made with recycled paper, yielding little to no negative environmental impact. In addition to this environmental consciousness, the appearances kraft paper is able to form are both unique and vast. These styles include everything from a cool marbled look, to a rugged corkscrew look, to a chic and minimalistic flat appearance. With this variety CulCreat truly is the home of everything kraft paper, and is sure to have something for anyone’s tastes, no matter how finely tuned they may be.

Aside from sheer variety stands quality. CulCreat strives to provide only the highest quality pieces to its clients. After all, not all paper is made equal. Starting with the fine raw material of washable is the first step to an elegant product. Then comes the brilliant design of each item, tailoring the product’s charm. And finally comes creation, where the design is handmade into a perfect example of harmonious form and function. By manufacturing every item by hand, CulCreat is able to ensure each item is paid the attention needed to make it perfect. A side benefit of this process is the incredible durability of the final product. Designed for everyday use, CulCreat’s products are washable and surprisingly resistant to stains, tears, and stretching, going against everything expected of paper. With these values of environmental friendliness, variety, and quality CulCreat is well on its way to changing the textile industry forever.


About CulCreat

The ultimate goal of the staff at CulCreat is to revive, restore, and reinvent the lost art of independent creation. Even the name of the company, CulCreat represents this push, standing for culture and creativity. With an open mind CulCreat has found the biodegradable medium of paper and plans to use this resource to its full potential in the world of fashion while helping the environment along the way. With the aid of readers, CulCreat aims to create a massive impact with its upcoming website launch on the 18th.


For more information or to preview their products visit their Instagram page @culcreat.