5 Simple Halloween Crafts For 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone from stay-at-home moms to bored college kids are duking it out in an intense battle to create the best Halloween props. To do our part we’ve gathered six simple, yet creative crafts, helping you oust your competitors.

1. Bleeding Candles


Bloody candles are a trademark halloween prop, giving a nice and subtly creepy aesthetic. And now readers can make their own with ease. Simply melt down a few crayons in a saucepan or on a heating plate. Then spoon the melted concoction onto the tip of the candle, letting it drip down for a genuine effect. (Safety Note: Some wax is flammable, so keep crayons and candles away from open flames)


2. Mummy Drinks

Halloween Crafts Idea


These little terrors are perfect for trick-or-treater goodie bags. Transform a favorite bottled drink, like a water bottle or apple juice container, into a monstrous mummy. All anyone needs is ivory or cream colored streamer paper, glue, googly eyes, and a printed mummy face. Glue the face to the bottle, the eyes to the face, then wrap the entire bottle in streamers, and your little mummy is ready to go.


3. Glowing Goo

From Flubber to Oobleck, goo has always been fascinating. Now anyone can make their own goo and add a little glow. Combine one tablespoon of Borax, one and a half cups of water, one half cup of Elmer’s Clear school glue, one half tablespoon of Glow Powder or glow-in-the-dark paint, and some optional green food coloring. Mixers are left with a crazy-looking malleable goop that will enthrall every onlooker.


4. Monster House Teeth

Here is one few have heard of, but it is incredibly simple. Purchase some foam-core craft boards and get to work. Cut the boards into any shape, curved or rigid. Then attack the newly-made teeth with duct tape onto gutters, overhang, or roof, to yield the desired effect. Pro tip: different shapes and sizes work best to make the teeth as monstrously unruly as possible.


5. Candy Corn Wreath

A candy corn wreath is the perfect way to show love for the October season. Get yourself a styrofoam wreath from the local craft store along with some strong glue, hot glue guns are preferable, and an excess of candy corn. Just glue the candy corn in a spiraling fashion to completely cover the styrofoam base. The result is a cost-effective, hunger-inducing decoration that anyone can appreciate.